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Once upon a time, in a far far away and enchanted forest ,I picked a gorgeous structured DKNY handbag and lived happily ever after
After the family reunion, I pocketed loads of stories,memories that need documentation and after asking my little sister for blog-title ideas, I've decided to write a tell-all haha. I had been away from home for three years and nothing made me happier than going to the airport to collect my little sister. The first thing that caught my eye when she arrived was her handbag beautiful face! I did compliment her handbag though, I mean who wouldn't. Fast forward a month later, she was packing for her travels and I want to believe,she felt it in her heart I deserved a structured bag or maybe I hinted that we could exchange with my grey one or it doesn't matter anymore.I'm sticking to my story. 

I have a pocket-full of stories.I first wore this outfit to a wedding,it's one of the romantic dresses I own.Thee big sister gave it to me and I couldn't wait to blog about it.I love the lace detail,it's long cuffed sleeves , the pleats and the semi-thin belt to cinch my waist. We(my sisters and I) have the same shoe size so yes,these pink babies were from her closet too. Where would you wear this outfit to?
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Elegant princess tulle
It's very few times that while surfing the web you come across a fashion website that has elegant,chic,beautiful and affordable dresses that suit whatever your personal style is. I know you're looking for a website like the one I just described.Don't stress your pretty self, I discovered  Pickedlooks.com . They have a million and one gorgeous and timeless dresses. These dresses range from demure to extremely sexy and of course, you can always choose the in-between types.

With the wide range, I had to pick a few dresses that spoke to me through the screen as I scrolled through. These are my pickedlooks , for now and I tried by all means not to bombard you with green dresses because had I not been considerate, you'd be seeing the green pieces only.

I love me some statement pieces and if they are affordable,I love them even more!Visit the website for some  cheap ball dresses and cheap prom dresses and thank me later. You can also click on my picked dresses' name and you will find yourself in  elegance heaven. Of the gorgeous dresses I picked, which one is your favorite and what occasion would you wear it to?

Till next time in this fashion journey..
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V neck backless sequined dress

Trumpet mermaid green organza dress

Sweetheart sweep train lace chiffon dress

Off the shoulder burgundy sequined dress

A-line scoop neck ivory tulle


When I went back home for holidays, I did not only eat my life away,met relatives and old friends,ate my life away and laughed so hard my tummy always hurt. I visited a new place that i only knew existed but had no clue concerning its location or weather. Kadoma was/is the town and boy is that small town blazing hot! Now that i'm back at school, I've been told how dark I've become and without thinking twice I blame Kadoma. 

She is a small but rich town, with red soils no wonder they put red polish on the floors.I had an ignorant thought..there ain't more minerals in Zimbabwe, i let the media fool me I guess. With the new acquired knowledge, I wore one of the richest colors, asked my little sister to be the photographer and posed! I kept looking on the ground in case a piece of gold lost from a mine near, lay by! What are some of the things that you later discovered were lies from the media ?

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This post was almost going to stay in my archives for some crazy reason but i'm glad it didn't! I forgot my camera charger at  home(Zim) so i'm now on the hunt for a new one.Did i mention that the prices are ridiculous?I almost did not post this because I felt insecure.I thought its an outdated look whatever that means. Here it goes↓
I love me a good outfit,an outfit put together after a good thought process from head to toe.I love me some clothes with serious detail,heels,pumps,peep-toe you name it, I love it all. However, I can not deny the fact that basic t-shirts and circle skirts have a special place in my wardrobe.In as much as I love to dress up and wear a certain inch of heels, there are days when I want the toned down version of my personal style. This right here, is my idea of a back to basics outfit. Think of it as my jeans and tees. The monochromatic situation going on is evidence that you can be put together in the most basic of pieces that sometimes isn't given the time of day. I threw on a a tan belt with the gold detail so that it could go well with the icing on the cake..the gorgeous sandalsšŸ‘” Before I forget,what's your go to basic outfit ?
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Making :Tele-marketing calls. Eek! It's a new experience that i'm enjoying and slowly getting the hang of

Drinking :I feel I should replace this segment with something else because you already know I be drinking water and tea 

Reading :Book samples from Play Store.I'm contemplating which ones are worth buying and which ones to listen as audio books and save money.    

Wanting :To resume exercising.I had one day of exercise in March and with the way my abs are setup..i need to get back to werking on them  

Grateful for:A five minute journal that i recently started using.It reminds me to write down what i'm grateful for every morning. I realized on some mornings, its hard to list three things that i'm grateful for. I'm slowly irrigating that attitude of gratitude.

Looking:At the moment I'm at a soccer game so,i'm looking at guys chasing after a small round thing 

Smelling:Babe's deodorant makes me happy.Maybe it's because it's in a green bottlešŸ˜‰

Knowing:You can't force to 'vibe' with someone.There are no grey areas when it comes to getting along with people,it's either you vibe or you don't. Energy doesn't lie
Bookmarking:Third week of May. I'll be celebrating a milestone..i'll bring the receipts.

Opening:Snap Chat  stories, Instagram stories, WhatsApp statuses and now Facebook stories. I  love,love social media but i think it's getting too much to handle. What do you think about all these upgrades?

Watching:A midnight movie at the cinema made Beauty and the Beast extra interesting

Giggling:Cash me outside howbow dah

Feeling:A chill.I took my stock taking outside this month and the weather switched up on me.I wasn't ready  

Cooking:Carbonara.Macaroni carbonara   

Playing:A song that i despised the first time the big sister asked me to download it for her. I haven't told her i now love the song   

Enjoying:Wearing makeup and discovering looks that i feel good in.   

Liking:The outcome of putting braids in hot water.They got so curly,they feel new   

Wearing:Clothes i took from my sisters' collections make me appreciate the way my family is set up. I had an unrelated conversation with someone, the siblings topic came up. They said they don't share clothes with their siblings.I'm here ballin' in mine's outfits 

Following:A skin care routine that i'm actually getting results from!Hallelujah somebody

Noticing:Rumors carrying false stories spread triple the speed true-story ones spread

Feeling:Excited for what's ahead. Happy New month.I pray God perfects all that concerns you

Till next time...
*stay graceful*

Taking Stock Seventeen

I have written about  StyleWe before and if you are a  red jumpsuits kinda girl, pause reading this post and rush to their website for the awesome pieces they have on sale. I've featured few items sitting pretty in  my wishlist from the StyleWe collection and undoubtedly, my favorite piece is the off the shoulder top. I do love some detail and that embroidery is an approval stamp!
Visit StyleWe.com to see more of the exclusive fashion there is and believe me you will not want to  close the tab unless you  buy something.
They have amazing staff always online and willing to help if you have any inquiries.

My posts normally favor ladies but today I have a gift wrapped up for guys.It's this how to wear a beanie for guys post ☺
Till next next...
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Get yourself some fashion from StyleWe.com

Although I have several outfit posts featuring long skirts, I believe they are the hardest item to style. It gets more complicated when the skirt is not a neutral color and you have a white headscarf to finish the look! If you have long skirt problems, this right here is your remedy!I'm your fairy god stylist

I was in love with this gorgeous skirt because of the color,how it fits like a glove , how it has a mermaid look to it. I paired it with an off white blouse, a cape blazer and the only kitten heels in my closet. Since I don't own a white bag, I decided to hold onto my structured beige bag that I've owned for the past three years. You might be wondering why I said I WAS in love with the skirt, long story short,life happened.My little sister now owns it haha Tell me what you prefer,with the cape or without?

Till next time..

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